Tricks to find your passion, meaningful relationships and doing every job at your best

00:00 Who is Michael McCormick Williams?


02:18 A piece of advice 

03:30 How to find your passion? 

04:55 Trick: Carving out your passion

06:25 How Michael found teaching

11:30 How to deal with negativity

12:50 Building meaningful relationships

14:30 One thing

Senior Lecturer, Guest Lecturer at the Oxford University & Father of 8 Kids – Michael McCormick Williams. One of Marcos favorite teacher, with many insightful classes like Storytelling or Moderating. He inspires his students to really do the extra mile, not only in his classes but in one’s life. Thank you for these 2 years 🙏🏼 

Find tips to discover your passion within your job , build meaningful relationships  and learn to deal with negativity.The whole talk was almost 5 hours, so we could only focus on some of our favorite topics – check out the longer podcast version on spotify and itunes on the 06.12.2021. 

Thank you @startupstube for the location 🙏🏻

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